Highflyer Signature is a label that symbolizes a positive state of mind, characterized primarily by cutting edge apparel and accessories.

The Highflyer brand has been cultivated from a concept of positive identity and specifically designed to create a generation of clothing and footwear that represents success, achievement and attainment of aspirations.


The signature concept derives from a perspective of being unique, everyone's struggle ambitions or idea of success is not the same.

We believe the only competition is yourself. Strive to be the best you can be. Never doubt you're ability to win and conquer all obstacles you may face.


The Highflyer Label acknowledges that fashion is used by many to convey individuality and identity. Fashion can represent our social, economic, cultural and religious background. We endeavour to create good quality clothing and fashion accessories that not only embody style but also appeal to people who are on their way to success, or at the top of their game.
 Highflyer-Signature founder


founded in 2021, Wesley not only strived to overcome his own obstacles in life, he never gave up in pursuing his goal of what today is a testament of what can be achieved with a determined mindset.
"there was a time I thought this wasn't going to take off, but I learned in failure births success".
"Failure only opens up the other doors to win".
This is only the start. 


The world is yours!